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More PowerPoint Karaoke videos!

Don’t forget, PowerPoint Karaoke returns March 28th at 10pm with Joe Bozic, Josh Carson, Levi Weinhagen and Tim Wick!

Tickets are $7/$5 with a Fringe button and can be purchased at the Bryant Lake Bowl website!

And here’s more videos from last month’s show!

Molly Cathryn Glover explains “Your New Superpowers:”

Kelvin Hatle pulls […]

November 2012 PPK videos

Missed the November edition of PowerPoint Karaoke? Not sure what it’s all about? Well, get ready for the December competition with these videos, featuring our friends from Fearless Comedy:

Last month’s champ, Molly Glover:

Nick Glover

Anna Weggel

And our champion of the night: Matt Allex:


Macbeth: the Video Game Remix on YouTube

This is the video I shot of our production of Macbeth: the Video Game Remix at the 2011 Minnesota Fringe Festival.

Fringe-For-All Preview!

Here’s a short preview of Macbeth: the Video Game Remix from the Minnesota Fringe-For-All: