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“Man Saved By Condiments” at the NY Frigid Festival!

Theatre Arlo is bringing to Man Saved By Condiements! (written by MST3k and Cinematic Titanic star Mary Jo Pehl) to New York City for the NY Frigid Festival from February 23rd to March 4th!

Man Saved By Condiments! is a comedy of survival based on a true story (no, really) of a man, trapped […]

NYC Frigid Festival tickets now on sale

Hey all, just a quick update to let you know that tickets for Man Saved By Condiments! at the NYC Frigid Festival are now on sale.

Performances are at the Red Room Theater, on 85 East 4th St in the Bowery.

Dates and times:

Thu Feb 23rd: 9:30 PM Sat Feb 25th: 11:00 PM Sun […]

Man Saved By Condiments! and PowerPoint Karaoke!

Holy crap are things busy over here in Arlotown! First up we’ve got our next theatrical production: Man Saved By Condiments! written by Mary Jo Pehl (MST3k, Cinematic Titanic). It’s based on a true story (no, really) of a man, trapped for almost five days after crashing his car, who survives on nothing but […]

Man Saved By Condiments! Kickstarter Project


Click to watch the trailer and explanation of the project (Goes to Kickstarter. Photo by Craig VanDerSchaegen.)

Our next show is called Man Saved By Condiments! It’s a play based on the true story of a man whose car went off a bridge, broke his hip, and survived for five […]