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Man Saved By Condiments! Kickstarter Project


Click to watch the trailer and explanation of the project (Goes to Kickstarter. Photo by Craig VanDerSchaegen.) 

Our next show is called Man Saved By Condiments! It’s a play based on the true story of a man whose car went off a bridge, broke his hip, and survived for five days by eating snow and the packets of condiments he found under his seat. As the hours go by and he struggles to keep himself awake by talking to himself, yelling at NPR, and making friends with squirrels, he goes a little crazy. It’s a comedy about survival, and what happens to a man who only has himself for company.

Written by the hilarious Mary Jo Pehl (Mystery Science Theater 3000, Cinematic Titanic), the play is being produced by Theatre Arlo in Minneapolis at the Bryant Lake Bowl (a combination restaurant-bar-bowling alley-theater. No, really.) before taking it on the road to the Frigid Festival in New York City! That’s right, we’re going to (off-off) Broadway!

The production features Tim Uren (whose work includes Curse of Yig and10,000 Comic Books) and is directed by Bill Stiteler (writer/director of THACO and the video for Jonathan Coulton’s Re: Your Brains). Both Tim and Bill have a great love of producing funny, geeky shows. Together they co-wrote Macbeth: the Video Game Remix (you can watch the entire show by clicking on that YouTube link).

Funding this project helps pay for the rehearsal process, sets and costumes, promotional materials (posters and postcards), as well as our transportation expenses to the Frigid NYC Festival in New York for the actor (Tim Uren) and director (Bill Stiteler). If we exceed our funding goals, that makes it possible for us to take the show on the road to other festivals as well!

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