Mission Statement

“Theatre Arlo didn't even have to use its AK.”



Theatre Arlo was started by a vision…

Wait, no, sorry. It was started as a joke (stolen, no less, from a friend of Bill’s); the idea being to do all the shows the Guthrie was doing, at the same time, with a budget of $50 a production.

Oh, how we laughed. Then, pretty much by accident, we got a space, dates, and were obligated to actually put on a show.

We can’t do every show the Guthrie is doing: many of them are under copyright, you see, so that’s out. And we couldn’t open our first production, The Importance of Being Earnest, at the same time, because we couldn’t get a space. And while we’re on track to spend $50 on the production (while splitting the profits with the cast), that doesn’t include marketing (postcards).

So we’re batting 1,000 so far.

We’re not sure why we’re doing Theatre Arlo, or what’s going to happen. Enjoy!